Where all of our clothing is second hand (vintage), we do find that garments may have lost their size tag or been shrunk or stretched over the years so no longer fit true to their tagged size. To combat this, our team of curators measure the garment and allocate a "fits as" size.

Our leg-wear is sized based on the original tagged size, which can be found on either the back tab (Levi's) or the inner care label.


When placing an order, we recommend that you size up for a comfortable fit.



We strictly supply Grade A vintage for all our regular boxes (not including the TGTT box). Grade A vintage is expected to show signs of age, such as fading, fabric wear, marks and distressing.

All of our garments are professionally laundered and then passed through a strict quality assurance process, which involves authentication, condition check and sizing, before being picked and packed for orders.


For our 'Too Good To Throw' box, the contents of the box will be Grade B. Grade B is expected to show signs of age on a slightly bigger scale but pieces are still very wearable. More obvious fading, larger fabric wear, slightly bigger marks and distressing are to be expected. All the garments are still professionally laundered.

This box is an opportunity for our customers to get their hands on their favourite pieces for a fraction of the price. We wouldn't want desired pieces going to waste simply because they've gone beyond the threshold of our usual quality.