To celebrate our 5 year anniversary we wanted to give back to you guys and give one of you a chance to win:

- A pair of Nike Air Jordan 1 Travis Scott Reverse Mocha's in the winner's chosen size

- A full EdJ VNTGE Vintage outfit to match the shoes

- £500 in cash

To enter there are 2 avenues, Paid and Free. We will be drawing the winner via an entry system. The more entries an individual obtains, the higher chance of winning the Giveaway. Entries are given via 2 ways:

Mystery Box Purchase

Email sign up (free entry route)

Mystery Box Purchase: Each one of our vintage mystery boxes available on site has been allocated a certain amount of entries. Upon purchase the customer can see the entry value of each product on site. Purchase of more than one box allows entries to stack. The customer is not paying for Competition entries directly, they are purchasing goods within a competition window for a chance to win. 

Email sign up (free entry route): When a user first visits edjvntge.uk they are met with an email signup pop-up. The user can signup via this pop-up to gain 1 giveaway entry. This is the only way to enter the giveaway without having to purchase a Mystery box. With this free entry avenue being available, our '5 year Anniversary Giveaway' falls outside the scope of the Gambling Act 2005 by making it free to enter.